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Thank you for your interest in being featured and/or interviewed on Om Artist. We’re always looking for new art, books, articles and spiritual practices to showcase here or new interviews to share with our amazing audience. Lets get started!!

Are you:

  • an Artist
  • an Author
  • a Musician
  • a Spiritual Adviser
  • a Practitioner (Yoga, QiGong, energy work, etc)
  • a Coach (creativity, life etc)

If so, we would love to talk to you. AND if you’re not one of those but know someone who is, we want to talk to them.

Below is a form that helps to make the submission / suggestion process simple for you. Fill out the form below and click the submit button. It helps us a lot if you can give us as much information as possible. We’ll take care of the rest! We will definitely get back to you should we wish to pursue your suggestion.

What happens after you submit the request? We take a look at the suggestion, the website etc. We may even reach out to you (or your suggested artist) and have a conversation and take it from there.

Please know that:

  • We’re not here to judge you or your art, writing, music etc. We just want to be sure it fits our audience!
  • We are selective in our process. Because we care about our content!
  • We feel a responsibility that our features & interviews are inline with our audience. It’s the right thing to do!
  • We are not judging you if we decide not to feature you.  We think you’re amazing!
  • We always respond to submissions, whether or not we feature you.  It’s just polite!
  • We receive many submissions. Please give us 72 hours to respond.  Patience please!

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