Our Mission

When looking at primitive societies, the priest, spiritual adviser, medicine man, shaman (etc) and the artist were joined (many of them were one-in-the-same person). Is this because art has a direct effect on one’s soul and could help to enlighten as well as heal the human spirit? Is this because the Universe/God/Divine/Source, or what ever you choose¬†to call it, connects through us using the powerful creative energy! We’d like to think so!

…And that thought brings us to our purpose

Why are we creating this platform? We believe that art inspires art, love inspires love, like minded attracts like minded in a world that is clearly dependent on art and creativity in many forms. Art is a part of us, whether we recognize it or not. It’s a way to express the light and darkness of the universe in our quest to find the balance of each. Upon examination, clearly, without art, this world would crumble. Thats why we want to be a part of your personal journey!

…Having our purpose allows us to express our mission

We would like to think of our mission as our path to purpose. That being said, through our articles, artist interviews, and exploration of all things spiritual and creative, we want to help enrich your life. If you only read one article, experience one piece of art or enjoy one interview from an amazing artist here on OmArtist.com, we have accomplished our mission!

…And by following our mission and staying present, our vision is born

While we love art and creativity, we are not just about the Art. We are much more than that! By being creative and presenting you with guest writers, creative souls, their amazing stories and purposeful artwork as well as articles and ramblings on subjects like spirituality, astrology, energy, yoga, the mystics and so much more, we are accomplishing our vision, and that is to reveal a knowing presence where you may-not expect to find it. Literature, Music, Art and so much more is found in the heart of creativity! The head has dominated the heart in this world far too long now. We believe visionary art and creative expression can help us to find that balance and open our heart to the mysteries of the Universe.

We hope you will join us on our journey to change the world, one piece of art, one article, one book, one photo, one practice, one meditation at a time!