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Interview with Kim Szuta – InspiredArt Intuitive Artist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Mentor


Kim Szuta

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OmArtist: Hi Kim. Thank you so much for talking with us. Let’s begin by setting the stage for our OmArtist.com audience. How long have you been creating art? Was there a defining moment that you realized a creative life was the path for you?

KS: Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about me! I have been creating art since I was a child, however, I would have to say that I started consciously and intuitively creating inspiredART artwork since 2015. It was in early 2015 that I received a nudge to begin painting with my Spiritual Team and it was then that I started to embrace my creative path in a way that I had never before.

OmArtist: Are you currently exploring your art career full time or part time? If full time, what did you leave behind to pursue your art career? If part time, what do you do in your “day job”?

KS: Currently, I have an interesting lifestyle as it offers me the ability to go between painting full time and part-time. That said when I do have a “day job” it only exists as a contract term and, during this term, I paint part-time. The contract work that I do in my “day job” is consulting in business analysis for software development projects.

OmArtist: You mention your 2014 awakening experience as a return to your soul, and return to love, as well as the catalyst for your “InspiredART” creative endeavor. How exciting this sounds! Can you talk a little bit about this experience and what events led up to this beautiful awakening? Was InspiredArt even a vibration that existed in your world prior to your awakening?

KS: Yes, it was quite a transformational awakening! Even though I believe we are always reawakening, this experience was a major event for me as my internal life did a complete 180 and reconnected me with everything I thought was real as a child but had never received validation on, until 2014.
To summarize a bit of my story, as I grew into my twenties I shifted my beliefs from religion to just believing in LOVE and love being the basis of everything – even though I didn’t quite know what that meant, at the time, it felt right.

Fast forward to my late twenties when I was recommended to see an energy worker. This energy worker, I believe, helped set a strong foundation for the shift that was about to occur for me in 2014. The transformational awakening that I experienced came as a result of me attending my very first ever Angel Card/Mediumship reading – a reading where the Practitioner shared with me information that she could not have known. It validated what I knew so deeply in my heart and had hidden away for so many years. At this point, the light bulbs that had once been turned out started to turn back on again.

That said, inspiredART was not visible in the vibrational frequency that I was operating in. Once this major shift occurred, it was then that I began to reconnect more consciously with my intuitive faculties, and my Spiritual Team, and then you could say inspiredART came into view.

OmArtist: I’m intentionally leaving this question wide open for your interpretation on purpose, but how do you feel your abilities ( ie. Angel Card Reader, Realm Reader and Usui Reiki Master, Intuitive/Medium) have contributed or helped to shape your art work?

KS: Immensely! As mentioned earlier, before my awakening I wasn’t even close to the vibrational frequency of being able to create inspiredART artwork. Reconnecting with all of my higher faculties, and abilities, (i.e. energy work, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, mediumship, intuition, etc.) have all contributed in opening the lines of communication with my Spiritual Team, who paint through me.

OmArtist: Kim, lets talk about your process. Can you describe your process of receiving the inspiration for your art work? Do you receive during the act of creating, prior to creating or in dreams etc? Do you connect (meditate, pray, etc.) prior to creating each piece? Does it come to you randomly or do you have a ritual that helps dial it in?

KS: Great questions, I really like process! For me, inspiredART and life really merge into one. So, to help me get connected, at the start of each day I meditate, journal and review my intentions (which include setting the intention to be open to receive painting guidance). At the end of each day, I write my gratitude list and set my intentions for the next day. My gratitude list, as it pertains to inspiredART, includes everything from being thankful that a certain ‘Being’ painted with me to sending out gratitude for the guidance that comes through for a piece.

All of these acts help me get into and maintain a receptive vibration for the inspiration to come through from my Spiritual Team. As I always say, the information comes through like a breadcrumb trail, little bit by bit. The breadcrumbs I’ve received have come in the form of inspiration through a vivid dream, while I’m walking down the street (in my mind-eye), while I’m in the middle of painting, through music lyrics, right before I fall asleep, etc. and the best part is that it all happens in divine time!

OmArtist: On your site, www.kimszuta.com, you have many beautiful art pieces and commission pieces displayed. Have Mandalas been a subject of focus for you through out your art career or are these pieces directly related to your 2014 awakening? We really love when artists reflect back on what they created prior to their transition period to what they create after a transition. How different is your art after your new beginning?

KS: Thank you. The Mandalas are directly related to my spiritual awakening! Actually, the very first Mandala I had ever painted, before officially starting my art business, was in July 2015. I still have this piece today and the affirmation it was energized with is “I am creative.” – it’s quite timely and very revealing! As I reflect back, I can definitely see the transformation in the art. Creating inspiredART with my Spiritual Team has much more depth, energy, feeling, symbols, and intricacies behind it than the art pieces I created prior to my awakening.

OmArtist: Kim, in addition to the amazing use of texture in your backgrounds, your use of color is bright and bold throughout your body of work. Can you tell our audience about what inspires the color combinations used in your pieces?

KS: Great observation! Yes, it is all about expression and feeling. inspiredART is about boldly stepping forward to connect with your soul on a deeper level. inspiredART is a symbol of commitment to yourself, your truth and your multi-dimensional journey. The color combinations are directly related to the intuitive guidance that my Spiritual Team (or other’s Spiritual Teams – for commissions) have provided to me. Other than that, that’s all there is to it.

OmArtist: On your blog you mention that you have many journals. Does journaling play a role (directly or indirectly) in your creative expression?

KS: Both. Indirectly, and generally speaking, journaling is a tool that I use to help me clear space in my mind so that inspiration can come through. Directly-speaking, in regards to painting intuitively, journaling has definitely played a role. My painting journal contains thoughts of encouraging words to myself for when I come across discouraging thoughts from my Ego-mind. It also contains inspiration that comes through as well as reflections on how inspiredART pieces evolve and are created.

OmArtist: Kim, we have had many conversations with artists over the years about how they experience and process fear. Fear of showing their work, fear of creating something that people won’t like and on and on. As we creative souls say.., Fear creates a block if left unchallenged. With your experience as a Spiritual Mentor, can you share some of your experience with fear and how you’ve been able to limit its effect with regards to your InspiredART endeavor? Any advice to young artists on how to work through that fear?

KS: Oh, fear! Yes, I have lots of advice to share but I’ll try to keep it contained – and will refer to fear in terms of what we all experience universally. Since 2014, I have consciously been acknowledging, accepting and moving through fear! From sharing inspiredART publicly for the first time in 2015 (which had me shaking on the inside!), to creating my first commission in 2015 (which had my mind almost drowning in doubt), to creating a Facebook page with my ACTUAL name attached to my art (OMG what?!), to creating an Etsy shop, to trusting the guidance to make a big change on an inspiredART piece (when my Ego-mind thought it was done), and the list goes on. Let me tell you, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that we need to make friends with fear. In fact, we are guaranteed to have fear visit us every time we are about to experience conscious growth. It is a natural response. It will always be there, especially, if you are stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Now, the more you grow the more fear will occur but to really shift your experience of it would be to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. My advice is to listen to your intuition – if you feel like you should do something and it is coming from a high vibration place of love – then do it and let go of the rest. Just know that doubt and fear will arise, this is normal when you are stretching yourself!

Lastly, I’d like to share with you my simple fear practice. Next, to my art space, I have a post-it note which contains a few of the most common doubts and fears that arise for me while I’m painting, and especially while I’m painting commissions! I refer to it every time a fear or doubt arises and I look at it like a sort of checklist, saying to myself, “Thank you. Yes, I’ve heard that one before.” Just this simple acknowledgment helps me get past the block and move forward. It really is amazing how the same fear thoughts arise every time you are on that edge of growth.

OmArtist: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us Kim! OmArtist is so honored to have you as part of our interview series. You are appreciated!

KS: Thank you OmArtist. I truly appreciate it! 🙂

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