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Interview with Helping Improve Mankind (Clothing Line)


Kallundah & Judy
Helping Improve Mankind, LLC.
Clothing line and Mindful Company
Purchase the H.I.M line of clothing at http://www.helpingimprovemankind.com/
Follow H.I.M on instagram: @him.clothing

OmArtist: What can you tell our audience about your story?  What inspired you to create a company that operates in such a mindful and socially conscious way? Did another company set an example or did you just simply see the need to create such a company?

HIM: I feel the most important part of our story is how H.I.M. began. It is truly a love child in all sense of the word. Judy took my dreams and my vision and created it, manifested it into a reality. Despite all the obstacles in the way, the biggest one being that I’m in prison. She took a shoestring budget of $500 and got everything she needed to create the company you see before you today. She took it on all by herself to learn how to screen print as well as every aspect of the apparel business. All the way down to how to make screens from scratch using frames. I truly give her all the credit for where we are now!

OmArtist: As your company name suggests,  you are literally helping improve mankind by giving back to the homeless in your community.  What inspired you to give back in this way specifically?

HIM: Initially, we created H.I.M. as something that we both could do while we were separated. Something that could help us keep the bond and grow as a couple. We were simply trying to take this negative situation and turn it into a positive.

We also took inspiration from Tom’s Shoes. We thought it was a dope idea to base a company around helping others. After studying it, we were inspired by some elements but we added and implemented our own ideas. What makes us different is that we are truly out here in the community. Helping Improve Mankind is our brand, our motto and its our day to day agenda.

Even if we don’t make sales, we still go out and try to bless people. We see it this way, the universe will provide for us because of what we’re doing. Our company will continue to grow because our intentions are pure. One day we will have the means to do bigger and greater things for our fellow man.

OmArtist: In giving back to the community in the way that you do, have you kept track of how many homeless people you’ve helped?

HIM: We refer to the homeless as “The Residential Impaired”. Te reason we chose to concentrate on them is because I know how it feels to be one. I have been on the streets, I spent a good portion of my adult life not having a stable place to live, and no one to really help me or give me encouragement, or tell me I can do something better to fix my life! To tell tell me that this wasn’t the end!

To most Residential Impaired people, this is very important. They don’t choose to be in their situation. When people say “JUST get a job”, they don’t realize that it doesn’t fix things. How hard is it to get a job when you have nowhere to live, or clean clothes, and some can barely get a shower. Most people don’t look at the underlining stuff on why people are homeless, which is why they stay homeless. Nobody wants to hire them, nobody wants to really help them in the end.

As far as how many people we have helped, we really don’t keep track. Unfortunately  the population of the Residential impaired people in our area doesn’t change, we end up helping the same people much more than once or twice.

OmArtist: With graphics like street art, mystical art, and spiritual art, can you tell our audience what inspires the clothing designs that you create? Are the designs created in house?

HIM: Every image we print on our shirts or the designs for the HIM4HER line were all created by me, Kallundah. I have been in the arts my whole life. I’m self taught , using every medium from acrylic paints to applying tattoos. I am a student of culture and multiple beliefs, which I display that through my art. The Symbolism I use is mainly Kemetically influenced because my main study is Egypt. I also use line segments from Sumerian Cuneiform, Buddhist and Hinduism symbolism. I draw inspiration from anything I feel is beautiful honestly, it really depends what kind of mood I’m in.

OmArtist: Some of our Om Artist staff members own a few of your t-shirt designs and we’ve seen other items that you created, such as dresses and hoodies. Are there any plans of explaining into other products?  (i.e. yoga pants and mats or tapestries etc)

HIM: H.I.M. is just starting! We are barely scratching the surface of our design capability. There’s so much that we don’t have the capital or man power to produce as of yet. Yes we do have designs for a Yoga Inspired line. As for Yoga mats!? Never thought about that but that is an awesome idea, we will have to look into it. H.I.M. wants to have our hands in everything, clothing is just the beginning. We want to Help Improve, Help Inspire, Help Innovate Mankind.

Hope that answered  all of your questions, we really truly thank you for featuring us, this is our first interview, but its a big boost in our morale. Again remember H.I.M is not just our brand, it’s what we are out here doing. Thank You again!!! We love you guys! Peace and Love Always!

OmArtist: Thank you so much to both of you for talking to us and for all this amazing things you do in your community. What you do in your city only helps the world. You are appreciated! Much Love to you both!


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