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Featured Art by Kim Szuta

“The original inspiredART artwork that my Spiritual Team paints through me is always a unique surprise! As an Intuitive Artist, I am simply a conduit. I listen for guidance and as it comes through I begin the painting process. At various times, I receive information on who is painting through me, what I will be painting, how it will be painted and the affirmation it will be infused with.

More specifically, this 20”x24”x0.5” inspiredART art piece went through quite a transformative painting process, which was symbolized by its foundational colors shifting from deep purples to bright greens. As Archangel Raphael painted with me, I felt this piece be infused with feelings of love and a healing vibration. The affirmation that it has been Reiki-attuned with is: “I am in harmony with all that is around me.” A wonderful message that helps us see that when we find acceptance for our shadow and light side then we are able to also find acceptance for all that is outside of ourselves.”

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