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Featured Art by Kim Szuta

“The original inspiredART artwork that my Spiritual Team paints through me is always a unique surprise! As an Intuitive Artist, I am simply a conduit. I listen for guidance and as it comes through I begin the painting process. At various times, I receive information on who is painting through me, what I will be painting, how it will be painted and the affirmation it will be infused with.

More specifically, this 20”x24”x0.5” inspiredART art piece went through quite a transformative painting process, which was symbolized by its foundational colors shifting from deep purples to bright greens. As Archangel Raphael painted with me, I felt this piece be infused with feelings of love and a healing vibration. The affirmation that it has been Reiki-attuned with is: “I am in harmony with all that is around me.” A wonderful message that helps us see that when we find acceptance for our shadow and light side then we are able to also find acceptance for all that is outside of ourselves.”

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Featured Art from Tourmaline .

Reflections of Self by Tourmaline .

Abstraction, chrome and color are key components of the current contemporary art movement. But what happens when the subjects of such art are forced to look inward.? In Reflections of Self, chrome creatures reflect their surroundings, a symbol of their true selves. Horse & Wave represents a longed for freedom in an enclosed mental space.

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Featured Art from Michelle Sakhai

Through the Light by Michelle Sakhai – 20 x 40 in. oil and metal leaf on canvas

Artist Statement
My paintings reference the teachings of Transformative Art. With a focus on light and energy,
each spontaneous stroke serves as a vehicle for healing and channeling peace. While my
approach borders on the style of abstract expressionism with free subconscious markings, my
formal background as a plein air painter directs my work to develop considering light.
Using calm and at times warm colors and gold and silver leaf, the process is emotionally
transformative and spiritually expansive. While my abstract paintings reflect an internal energy
that comes from the present, my work continues to be informed by landscapes of my past.

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Featured Book For Creative Minds

Evan Griffith -     Evan Griffith - Burn Baby Burn, Spark the Creative Spirit Within

Shift your creativity into a spiritual practice and unleash a creative power you didn’t know you had.
Those at their creative best thrive. This is as true for those in the arts as it is for those in business, large or small.
You’re curious about a better way to be creatively alive. It’s simplicity itself you’re after. In your work, in your projects, in your relationships, in the things that matter most . . . a simple practice is all you need to creatively engage at your highest levels.

Learn how to de-clutter your time and tap into your creative genius by living the three simple protocols in Burn, Baby, Burn.

Evan Griffith has lived the creative life from all ends: as a writer and art gallery owner; as a graphic artist and corporate design manager. He’s played with hundreds of creative individuals over the decades. Post-2008 crash, when many in creative fields floundered, he learned what it takes to flourish.

Buy the book on Amazon: Burn Baby Burn, Spark the Creative Spirit Within

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Featured Art from Eliza Bratton

Earth and Moon Hands Series By Australian based Artist Eliza Bratton

Blessings of the Earth and Moon have inspired these illustrations. Moving in cycles with both and inevitably becoming one with their nature. We always see the same side of the Moon because it is tidally locked to the Earth. Its day is as long as its year, and yet it affects life on Earth in mysterious beautiful ways. Giving thanks for this unification is symbolized with the Hands of Gratitude in these illustrations.