About Us

Guy Hoffman - Artist & Om Artist Founder

Guy Hoffman – Artist & Founder

Although founded by Artist Guy Hoffman, Om Artist was actually manifested by YOU!

It’s our observation that so many people have the desire to connect to art that has good intentions, a purpose & beautiful vibes. Visionary art, if you will!

We also noticed that artists have also been creating powerful pieces that speak to the souls of the spiritual collective, the seekers and the beings who put effort into vibrating higher for the good of the human race and our planet. Whether it’s visual art, music, books, articles, temporary art installations and more, we want to bring it to you!

This site and all its content have been created especially for you! We want to give light to those who seek it. We want to fuel your thoughts in a healthy way by presenting to you the concept that art and creativity are spiritual by nature and merely hanging purpose-filled art in your space boosts your vibration. While we could go on and on about this very concept right here in the about us page, we think you’ll enjoy it more if you browse the site and see & feel it for yourself.¬† You can also visit our mission page for more information about why, how and what we are creating here at Om Artist.

We are so grateful that you took the time to stop in and look at what we’re building. Thank you so very much for your interest in Om Artist! We think you’ll dig our vibe, the¬†artists, our shop and all the effort that goes into the interviews and curating the art to be featured here as well as articles on spirituality, astrology, energy, mediation, yoga practice, creative habits and so much more! What are you waiting for?? Go check it out!

PS.. we are always open to suggestions and feedback (the good kind and the hard knocks kind). Just drop us an email using the Connect With Us form or email us directly at connect@omartist.com

Love & Light,

The Om Artist Team / Fellow Seekers, Art Lovers & Your Spiritual Tribe